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“Oh, Miss Kelly, let’s do more exploring! I love exploring with you!”

Kelly and Valor Front

This guy, Valor, makes my heart happy. We went out to eat in quaint, downtown New Bern and then wandered around the downtown area. He held on tightly to my hand and we walked, and looked, and took the road less traveled. We went up ramps to the side of the building instead of stairs conveniently located right in front. We looked under bridges, in plants, and over fences. We found two playgrounds, a few abandoned toys, a centipede, an old cemetery, and a rooftop dining patio. All pointed out with fierce excitement by my three year old friend.

In short, we looked. We weren’t so harried to get where we were going that we missed the journey.  Valor was upset when it was time to return home and start the bedtime routine. He wanted to do more exploring. I explained to him that he could explore anywhere, even in his own neighborhood. It was more about having eyes to see, than being in a new location.

So today, we went exploring again. He rode his tricycle from his house around the cul de sac and back. And we found a rolly poly, several beautiful flowers, a deflated balloon, a pinecone, and a small, shiny yellow ball. Valor did not pedal more than a few yards, before exclaiming, “Look! A treasure!” He would dismount, gather up his latest treasure and put it in his trunk to show Mom. He was just as excited exploring during our meandering walk downtown as he was during our sauntering stroll along his street. It was all about having the time to look.

I want to have a little more three year old in me. More time to look. More excitement about the small things. More willingness to go off course. Yes, Valor, let’s all do more exploring!

Kelly and Valor

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  1. Great photos, It’s all about the eyes of the heart. I hope you will always want to go exploring and find God’s treasures!!

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