Done with To Do Lists

I’m done with to do lists.

I think I keep 3M, the maker of Post-its in business single-handedly. I have oodles of lists all running concurrently. One for work tasks. One for home and chores. One for bills. One for the blog. One for Christmas presents, and shipping dates, and wish lists. You get the idea.

My list-aholicism is bad all the time. But I’m worst at Christmas.

Why do I do this? What will happen if I let something slip off the list? The list making is fine. It’s the feeling that I can’t let anything slip that needs to go. The world will go on even if I don’t get to making the chocolate covered pretzels for my neighbors that currently ranks atop one of my lists! But sometimes I don’t believe this. I think that if I stop working, that the world will end! That my effort is somehow woven into the very fabric of the universe. That I must work and never stop.

This is a lie!

Now don’t get me wrong — working is a good and God-blessed thing. But confusing my work with His work is wrong and dangerous. God works. He is the ultimate worker. Nothing ever falls off of His Divine To Do list.

In that truth I can find rest. With or without chocolate covered pretzels!

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