Debt-Free, The Way to Be!

I am officially without debt.

How adultish of me!

Part of my log flume ride into adulthood has been to attend a financial planning class which discusses debt-reduction, investment, tips and tricks, and the ever present looming, long-term problem: retirement.

I always thought I was good with money. And it turns out, I do okay, far from perfect, but I’ve avoided some pitfalls as well. I’ve never held a credit card balance and I worked so as not to take out school loans. I got through several degrees with some help from family and that set me up for success in life. Debt has never been a huge part of my life, but this week it officially vacated as, drumroll please!, I┬ápaid off my car.


It felt good to write and send the last lump sum. I almost stopped to take a picture of it for it represented so much adulthood.┬áPurchasing the car was the largest amount of money I’d ever spent at once. It meant picking up more hours to add a car payment to my budget. I had more than one weeping episode as I test drove, researched, and finally decided on the model I wanted. I spent at least six months looking up blue book values and finding all the rebates I could qualify for. I knew I wanted to have this car for at least a decade, squeezing all the utility and goodness out of it! Everything about buying and paying off this car was a big deal. It represented hard decisions and responsibility. Sacrifice and toil. Ownership and pride. It was the beginning of adulthood.

I am thankful for my trip into adulthood. It has been a lot to think about. I’m not sure what lies next on my log flume ride, but I say, “Bring it on!”

When do you feel the most like an adult?



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  1. So awesome of you. So many people NEVER learn that lesson. You are way ahead of the game. Every ad you see is a temptation to spend money on something you don’t need and to make us disatisfied with what we have. So I am proud of you. welcome to adulthood.
    Love, Geam

  2. Congratulations!!! It seems like it was just yesterday when you purchased ‘Dot’. May you have many more exciting and healthful years together.

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