What happens when you fly across the world? What happens when you change 2 seasons and 14 time zones in one trip? How does such an experience change you?

I’ve heard it said that, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” I can think of a few other examples of things worthy of our money that return with richness, but yes, I agree, the list is indeed minimal.

I was able to visit Australia last month. After a lengthy time saving and planning, it finally happened! I donned my compression socks, grabbed by ear plugs and sleep mask, and got on a plane for 19 solid hours! Crike!

Australia, like many English-speaking countries has an air of familiarity and yet something delightfully foreign. I felt the same when I visited the UK and Canada. There is a common history in many ways, and at the same time, completely unique idioms, culture, inside jokes, and experiences.

I may be embarrassed to share how long I tried to emulate an Australian accent without success. But I tried. I was there to learn, to observe, to grow… and of course to play.

I was welcomed by a warm country and a generous people everywhere I went. I was served beautifully plated food at every single meal, even quick service establishments! I got to see in person things I’ve dreamed about since childhood. I pet a kangaroo! I saw a show in the Sydney Opera House! I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

I was brave. I went further from home than I have ever been before. I explored and absorbed. I read books about Australian history and language even while I was seeing it first hand. I allowed by schedule to change, my days to be unplanned, and my courage to grow. And I am richer because of it.

I was speechless at many points during my trip.

But now travel has made me a storyteller.

Here are some pictures to begin the tale. Once upon a time…

To be continued!

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