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My yearly inner debate happened again this year. I don’t want a prepackaged costume for Halloween. And I don’t want to spend much money. I want to make it myself for cheap AND be something awesome and unique. I want it to be just me, my imagination, and whatever Goodwill has to offer.

Costuming, to me, is creativity having fun.

I had so much fun this year, I couldn’t restrain myself to just one costume. So I chose three.

minnie mouse costumeCostume One! Minnie Mouse

Cost – Seventy-five cents. Three pieces of felt and some creative repurposing of an old skirt!

mrs doubtfire costume

mrs doubtfire costume

Costume Two! Mrs. Doubtfire

Cost – $1.84 shirt purchased from Goodwill to burn for good measure. (Pot lids available without purchase!)

carmen sandiego costume

Costume Three! Carmen Sandiego

Cost- $3.99 (big spender here!) for inflatable globe as prop to make sure everyone knew who I was.

I borrowed all other pieces of clothing and make a few accessories from my jewelry stash. What a fun day to be celebrate creativity having fun!

What is your favorite costume ever?



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  1. What great costumes! I love them all & there is no doubt who you are supposed to be with each one. It is amazing what you can create after a trip to Goodwill. Well done!
    The costume I remember most is probably a home-made clown costume.

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