Crafting Thumb

My hands hate me.

I haven’t been good to them lately. Right before the Gifts of Grace Craft Fair, I went crafting crazy. I sat each night and created. And hunched over, and cut, and bent metal, and used pliers, and threaded beads, and made my crafting thumb flair up.

crafting thumbStill giving the thumbs up!

I love crafting. It is a good thing.

But perhaps not the best thing. (Often the case when a good thing is overdone!)

When I have to use my occupational therapy skills to heal myself and get twinges of nerve pain from the length of time spent in fine motor control and precise movements, that good thing has lost some of its goodness. I’ve been thinking a ton lately about the difference between good and best. I am surrounded by good things and good choices. I have dozens of options open to me. Deciding which of all my good choices is the best keeps me up at night. Crafting is a good thing. I want to continue pursuing it in a good and balanced way — in that area of life, that will be what is best!

I’m using my nightly brace donning as a visual reminder of the difference between good and best.

What about you? What good thing has lost some of its goodness?


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