Crafting, Talking, Cupcakes and Mirror Notes

Sometimes I get peopled out.

I work around loads of people — coworkers and patients — all of whom need parts of my time and attention. Sometimes I joke that being an Occupational Therapist is like being a professional cheerleader. I have to encourage people to do things that are difficult and give lots of praise and encouragement.

So, after a day of cheerleading, I don’t always want to talk to anyone else.

But I live with four girls.

Great girls! Lovely girls! Fun and caring girls!

But my busy work life and busy home life sometimes clash. Sometimes we want the shower or the oven or the TV at the same time and have to work it out. Sometimes I wished I had a different living situation.

But sometimes — I LOVE IT!

Today is one of those days.

I came home to a house full of activity. One roommate was cooking cupcakes to share. One was crafting. One was asking me about my day.

And the best part of all — mirror notes!

If you didn’t know, you can write on mirrors with a dry erase marker and it erases cleanly. I love mirror notes. I love all notes. It is an easy way to leave not just information, but encouragement. Today, I came home to a mirror novel! My sweet roommate had written me oodles of encouragement — things she sees in me, praise for accomplishments, prayers for the future, and excitement in it all. It was beautiful and made me smile.

On days like today, I love my situation. I love the bustle and activity. The give and take. The ability to live with people who help shape my life.  I’m thankful for crafting, talking, cupcakes, and mirror notes!

House Friends

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  1. This made me smile, and to thank the Lord for sweet sisters who follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to encourage another.

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