Cheeky Reflections

Now that you, my fabulous readers, have been more acquainted with Cheeky and his adventures over the past week, I’ll share with you what he meant to me.

To me, Cheeky symbolized childhood, creativity, and rest. Helping him on his adventures was something reminiscent of my childhood. It was exciting, it was fun, it was a challenge. It took my focus and I had to think like an elf. I pondered on my commutes home from work — where I am a fully functioning professional and in charge of others health and healing– where my elf might be hiding. It allowed me to check out of adult-mode and into child-mode, if even just for a little bit. And that was a beautiful thing!

Cheeky brought out my creativity. When he was hiding and I was on the hunt, I not only was thinking about where he could be hiding, but where I could hide him next! I was concocting little scenes of hilarity and cheekiness in my head and even collecting items to be used in these scenes! I bought goldfish specifically for the toilet fishing scene. I’m committed!

Cheeky also allowed me to stop. I am crazily efficient and I rarely stop. Especially during Christmas we have so many expectations placed on our time and attention. This can come from others, or ourselves. I typically drive myself much more than others place expectations on me. I had a giant to do list: Christmas cards, chocolate covered pretzels, Holiday parties, wrap presents, blog posts, make presents, create stories, check in on friends, etc. But sometimes, instead of going straight to the to do list, I stopped. I walked around my house meticulously looking for Cheeky. I took time to celebrate when I found him.

Cheeky helped revive the kid in me and the restfulness that my life so often lacks. Pretty good for an eight inch doll, eh?

What helps you relax and enjoy the holidays more?

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