Celebrating Selfies

This is the year of the selfie for me.

I usually roll my eyes when I see a cluster of people posing awkwardly, cell phone outstretched to take their own picture. But this year I’ve whole-heartedly embraced it. Let me amend that, I’ve embraced it — sans “duck face.”

I’ve been challenged by some friends to ride every ride at all four Disney parks some time in 2014. So every time I visit I have to confirm that I did indeed ride every attraction by taking a picture of myself on the ride and log it on a spreadsheet.

Sometimes it is a challenge due to darkness in the ride or fear that I’ll drop my phone! Not only has this bet made me ride things I never have before, but my efforts have yielded some of my very favorite pictures! It gives me a reminder of how well I’m using my annual pass and all the friends who I get to spend time with at the most magical place on earth. And they make me giggle.

Today I celebrate letting the kid in me free, riding Prince Charming’s Carousel for the first time in twenty years, taking my own picture, and enjoying every minute of it.

Disney Tea cups

Kyle splash mountain



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  1. Ahhh! What an awesome challenge!!

    “Challenge Accepted!!”


    Also – fabulous selfie. Well done.

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