Ceasing, to Worship

I am a grammarphile.

I enjoy the undervalued punctuation marks. I revel in a properly placed em dash. I snicker at how commas can change meanings entirely .

lets eat grandma

There is also a purposefully placed comma in my title.

I am not ceasing to worship. I am ceasing, in order to worship.

My life is full of activity, demands, and both internal and external pressure to do more. Activity and busyness is my default. You can likely relate. Over the past several years, I have been striving to stop. Even if just for a short period of time each week, I want to experience something totally different. I have to purpose to cease. I have to plan to stop. To turn off my guilt-machine and rest. But I’ve realized that ceasing is not just a necessary precursor to allow time for worship. My ceasing is an act of worship itself. In that time of non-activity, I remove my reliance on myself for money, provision, and stability and place it solidly on God. In this sense, with a profound knowledge of my dependence upon the Lord and His provision, my ceasing is worship.

I am ceasing, t0 worship. Commas change everything.


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