Carpet Preparedness

It’s hurricane season and everyone is talking about preparedness. But I’ve been preparing for my own life-altering situation.

Last week my house got new carpet… nice, right? Yes and no. It is beautiful, and currently stain-free, but it was back breaking work for weeks before and after. Our installers were particular about what furniture they would move and what they wouldn’t, which meant I basically moved out of and then back into my own house over the past two weeks.

ALL of my furniture went into my bathroom. It was the most amazing game of packing Tetris I’ve ever played.

Here’s some photo evidence:

my room

Notice the lack of stuff in my room?

Here it is!



I hope I don’t have to take a shower…



Or use the toilet!



Here’s a few snippets of the rest of the house:



IMG_0562 IMG_0564 IMG_0563


Packing Tetris WIN! It just had to be off the floor, it didn’t have to be packed away properly!

So, that’s the evidence of what we’ve gone through. Read later this week to see if it was all worth it!



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