Carpet and Clutter

We’re scheduled to get new carpet this week.

It’s overdue. Years of lovely roommates tromping in and out of our humble abode has left the carpet worn, stained and puny. Part of me is so excited. I remember when my parents got new carpet. It was so plush I felt like I was walking on the moon! It was a party for my feet everyday! Part of me is thrilled to get new carpet and eagerly anticipates my daily “feet parties.”


But the other part of me is having a panic attack.

I have entirely too much stuff. The thought of moving all of my books, furniture, books, bin, boxes, books, and treasures is nearly overwhelming. Where will they fit? They can’t all go in the kitchen or bathroom — the only non-carpeted areas of the house. Ever since I heard the impending carpet installation day, I’ve been on a mission to get rid of stuff. I’ve sold back some books. Taken a few loads of stuff to Goodwill. And not bought anything new. I keep asking myself, “Is this worth it? Do I want to move this multiple times?” More often than not the answer is “No.”

Although I dread the day when everything has to actually come off of the shelves and be reassembled on top of plush, luxuriant, new carpeting, it is a good exercise for me.

I want to own my stuff not have it own me.

Right now my stuff is owning me. It’s owning my thoughts, energy, and time to pack, move, and relocate my clutter. I long for a simpler, less cluttered life and this purge is getting me one step closer.

What about you? Do you own your stuff or do you feel it owning you?

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  1. We purged 2/3 of our stuff when we moved to SF – I haven’t missed a thing!

    (Ps I think a good chunk of if the outdoor fun stuff is in your garage 🙂

  2. That’s funny because I am thinking about redoing my craft room sonI have been shredding like mad and pitching stuff out! Only I want to get rid of the carpet and put laminate down. So we can commiserate together!!

  3. A wise person once said, “If you own something you cannot give up, your don’t own it…IT OWNS YOU”!

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