Awesome Always Goes Viral

Since when did virality become a desirable thing?

I’m still learning to punch fear in the face, escape average and do work that matters from author, Jon Acuff.

START jon acuff


Although I didn’t know it at the time, this blog was my big Start project! I stopped thinking of all the things that could go wrong by starting a blog (no readers, lose interest, no talent, pointless posts, hecklers, etc). I punched fear in the face and started.

(Bravo, me.)

Now I’m dealing with the second part… what comes after the start? How do I keep the drive and momentum after the initial adrenaline of starting has worn off? How do I stay true to the craft and not get sucked into the whirlpools of anxiety by focusing on numbers, followers, subscribers, and virality statistics?

Acuff encouraged me in this book to spent ten times more energy and time writing than promoting. And to make it really shine make the ratio 100:1.  Content > marketing! Then he blew my mind with this simple sentence, “Awesome always goes viral.”

I love that.

I don’t have to worry about numbers, statistics, or virality. I have to write because writers write. I am choosing to focus on content because that’s what I love. I love to share ideas, communicate, craft the perfect post, share my epiphanies, and receive feedback. I don’t love statistics or marketing and now I have the freedom to care about those aspects of blogging a little less.

My job is to craft my awesome. Because awesome always goes viral.

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  1. This post is AWESOME! 🙂

    Truly though – I really love this post. I have a blog I rarely write on… your post made me want to link this to my blog! And it made me want to write again on my blog! And it made me want to start reading START!

    I’ve had it for awhile… 😮

  2. I whole hearted recommend the book, starting, not worrying about the numbers, and being awesome! Thanks for the feedback, faithful readers!

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