Attack of the Mutant Strawberry!

Last week I was attacked by a mutant strawberry at lunch. Here’s the evidence:

mutant strawberry

I was sitting at lunch with several co-workers, minding my own business, trying to eat healthy, when I heard, “Oh my gosh! Look at that thing!!”

It was Jenn. A kindred spirit at work. We have bonded over our ridiculous abilities to relate almost everything in life to obscure movie quotes. (It’s one of my favorite pastimes!)

I showed off my mutated strawberry, which I nicknamed “Chernobyl-berry” to the other gawkers at the table. We took turns sharing what we saw in the twisted, flesh of the fruit. One saw a hitchhiking thumb stuck out for help. Another saw mitosis. One said it reminded her of a sea sponge reproducing by budding. Another saw the adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” She continued, “It looks so gnarled and twisted, but I’d bet it’s the sweetest berry in the bunch!”

Jenn quickly snapped a picture, immortalizing Chernobyl-berry and exclaimed, “Kelly, you have to blog about this!”

What did I see?

I saw a table full of writers.

I had the pleasure of meeting Leigh McLeroy, one of my favorite authors, on several occasions and she gave me some advice about writing. “Writers see life.” They don’t just look; they see. We discern struggles, perceive triumphs, and observe monotony. We catch, appreciate, and take in what others often miss.

We took the time to see the mutant strawberry and think about what we each saw. We captured a moment in time to truly see life. I was in the presence of writers.


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  1. I loved this lunch day! We actually took the time to appreciate something so strange yet so simple. Kudos to you friend for creating something beautiful from a crazy fruit! And yes my mom is correct…better I write thanddraw!

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