Adult Cereal?

Until this week I had no idea there were different classes of cereals. I knew some were healthier, some more vibrantly colored, but I found an inarguable distinction in the store.

adult cereal


The adultness is present in the very names of these cereals. What kid would whine for Fiber Flakes or Colon Blow Clusters given the choice? What age is it when we transition from sugary rainbow cereal to good-for-you-fiber-filled cereals? Is it a physiologic need for increased fiber intake? Is it a social construct? A rite of passage? In my quest into adulthood I wasn’t aware that my cereal choices would be forced to change as well. But in adulthood, so much is different. I have to delay gratification and value my “future self”, in many ways, more than I value my “present self.” This is true in financial decisions, health choices, and apparently even breakfast intake! I’m still learning about this adulthood thing and I’m not sure why I fought so hard for it as a kid. It seems like I have an earlier bedtime now than ever! This trip to Target just provided me with one more reminder that I’m not a kid anymore. But as an act of rebellion, I bought Frosted Cheerios. Keeping the kid in me alive one bowl at a time!

How do you balance the “kid” and “adult” in your life?

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  1. Just never let the kid in you die. Life is so short in the scheme of God’s plan that we better enjoy the trip! I am not sure why we make adulthood be so staid??? It doesn’t have to be. It’s all in the attitude. Laugh, love, play, and plan too.

  2. Yay, Kelly, advocating for your inner child. There are some choices you need to be adult about; however, cereal is not one of them. You will know when it’s time for “adult” cereal. it’s definitely a physiologic thing. I always, always enjoy your blog.

  3. Pam, feeling twinges of the physiologic need! Perhaps I’ll keep some Fiber-laden cereal handy just in case. Thanks for reading so faithfully!

  4. Well, I can tell you one thing’s for sure – this “kid” would never dream of buying Colon Blow Clusters no matter how old I get. G says you made that up!!!!

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