A Job with 2% Unemployment?

That’s right, MY job, has 2% unemployment. I’m an occupational therapist. I use daily, meaningful, functional activities to help people be independent. Most of my patients need help doing things they used to take for granted. Basic things like getting dressed, getting out of bed and going to the bathroom. They often can’t problem solve to open the milk carton or can’t coordinate both sides of their body to get their shirt on.

It’s a tough job. It requires that someone trusts me and lets me help them. But my job is to teach them how to be independent again, not to do for them. I’m a cheerleader, a teacher, a coach, a detective, a counselor, and a  kinesiologist daily. I educate on everything from the biomechanical pull on a joint while doing exercises to the need for healthy stress relief. It’s rewarding to meet with people when they need it. When they’ve received a wake up call in life.

I definitely chose the right major!

OT skills for the job of living

April is National Occupational Therapy Month! Thank an O.T. for his or her hard work this month!

And check out this video for more information on my beloved profession!

(PS -One note on the video… I do not make near that much money!!)

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