Roaring into the Twenties

There is something special about this decade, Old Sport. Not only is it the first one in two decades that had an easy name, The Twenties (What does one call single digit decade years??). But the 2020’s also recall the 1920’s, a decade of glitz, glamour and gumption. I decided to celebrate our entry into this decade in style with a great Gatsby New Year’s Eve party!

Gatsby is a strange little book where very few characters are reputable and even less likable, and yet, the language, imagery, and emotions in it are memorable, beautiful, and compelling. I don’t want my life to look like any of theirs, but I am happy to borrow their fashion for an evening!

I went all out in my decorations and theming. I believe that some of those who attended missed some of the literary references and just considered me eccentric (also not wrong!) I had decorative items for each character in the book, commissioned a painting of Dr. T.J. Eckleberg’s eyes, made my own cigarettes and ash tray (AKA white chocolate covered pretzels and crumbled oreos), and even had Gatsby in a pool in the back!

I had a delightful time in costume along with some friends ringing in the New Year with a toast and fireworks. The night was fun. But I think my favorite part of the evening was the sense of togetherness for those who attended and those who helped me plan. My dad reread The Great Gatsby with me this summer to help me think of character-specific props. My coworkers shopped for flapper dresses and often discussed period-appropriate headpieces at lunch time. My friends arrived early to hang tinsel and arrange feathers, pearls, and wine bottles as centerpieces. Hearing everyone finish sentences with, “Old Sport” made my heart happy. These memories are more important to me than midnight. Having people be silly, committed, and excited alongside me was the best part of the entire soiree. I am thankful for such relationships in the midst of an unknown year and decade. May we together make a joyful noise throughout the roaring twenties!

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