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Mar 22, 2013 - Quotes    2 Comments

Gospel Humility

I’m still mulling over this short, but jam-packed-with-truth-book, The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness by Timothy Keller

The Freedom of Self-forgetfulness

Here’s another tantalizing excerpt:

I can start to enjoy things that are not about me, my romance is not about me, my dating is not about me. I can actually enjoy things for what they are. They are not just for my resume. They are not just to look good on my college or job application. They are not just a way of filling up the emptiness. Wouldn’t you want that? This is off our map. This is gospel-humility, blessed self-forgetfulness. Not thinking more of myself as in modern cultures, or less of myself as in traditional cultures. Simply thinking of myself less. (pg. 36, emphasis mine).

Mar 10, 2013 - Quotes    No Comments

Don’t Be a Writer…

A friend of mine sent me this quote today:

Don’t be a writer if you can get out of it! It’s a solitary job, sometimes a rather lonely one (who’s listening? you say), and it requires relentless self-discipline. The world is not waiting with baited breath for what you turn out. A writer has to be some kind of nut to stick with it. But if, like the psalmist, you say, “My heart was hot within me, while I was musing the fire burned,” then perhaps you will have to write.

Elisabeth Elliot

Drat! I suppose there’s no way out of it now!

Feb 3, 2013 - Quotes    3 Comments


“Humility is the soil in which everything good in the Christian life grows.”

I’ve been trying to listen to sermons on my way into work. I have a significant drive — really early — and my hope is that getting started in the Word will get me on the right foot!

Yesterday, I heard that from Pastor John Piper. I quickly scribbled it at a stop light because I knew I wanted to remember it. So here it is again:

“Humility is the soil in which everything good in the Christian life grows.”

Everything?!? If that is true, I’ve got some work to do.

I’ve read stories of some spiritual leaders in days gone by asking their students to do ridiculous things like going into a grocery store and asking for hardware or going into a shoe store and asking for cheese. The point of these exercises was not to annoy the sales clerks, but to attempt to get embarrass the asker and therefore get his or her pride out of the way, if even just a little bit.

The Screwtape Letters

How do I get myself out of the way to allow true growth. If I’m focused on getting myself out of the way, am I not still focused on myself? CS Lewis talked about humility and how tricky it could be in The Screwtape Letters. (If you haven’t read it, The Screwtape Letters are a series of letters from an experienced tempter to a junior tempter advising him on how to trip up the patient (human) and direct him away from worshiping God.) Screwtape quips: “Catch him [the patient] at the moment when he is really poor in spirit and smuggle into his mind the gratifying reflection, ‘By jove! I’m being humble’, and almost immediately pride — pride at his own humility — will appear.” What a vicious cycle!

I don’t have any answers. I truly am proud at how humble I am sometimes! So I’m enlisting your help.


What do you think? How do we grow in humility?

Jan 24, 2013 - Quotes    2 Comments

Magic Words

One of my all-time favorite movie quotes comes from Professor Dumbledore, the quizzical and kind, Headmaster in the Harry Potter series.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Dumbledore wisely says, “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.”

I love that!

It might be because I love words. I love how 26 letters can be formed and reformed to tell daring tales and describe things only the imagination can picture. I love the quote because it is so well balanced — it’s symmetric; it wraps the tidbit of truth with a virtual bow in my mind! I love it because it’s inherently biblical.

Proverbs 12:18 reads, “There is one whose rash words are like swords thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.”

We all know the wounds that words can leave. We’ve been through the countless replaying of sword-thrusting sentences in our lives. And we’ve known the healing. The reassurance. The salve that words can provide.

So my question is: Are your words swords or salve?






Jan 18, 2013 - Quotes    3 Comments

Bludgeoning Self Doubt

“Thank you for this lovely blunt object that I will forevermore use as a weapon against self doubt.”

That’s beautiful.

I have a bad habit of always doing two things at once. I typically watch a movie, and make earrings or hair flair. I do laundry while cooking dinner. I am addicted to accomplishment.

But that statement made me look up from my hot glue.

I never picture famous and accomplished people battling self doubt like the common-folk. I never imagine a beautiful, valuable statue being a weapon. But they do and it is!

If you missed the Golden Globes, here’s the best part!

How do you bludgeon self doubt?

Nov 26, 2012 - Quotes    No Comments


Like I’ve said before, I live my life in movie quotes. There’s nary a day goes by that I am not reminded of a situation and –even more importantly– a beautifully crafted line from one of my favorite flicks. I love the craft of writing and have been known to watch a particularly poignant scene over and over again until I get the transcription perfect! Here’s another salivating movie quote to get you in the Christmas mood! (Thankfully, transcription is courtesy of!) But comments are all mine!

Arthur Abbott: [Octogenarian and former screenwriter] You know what I’ve been asking myself all night?
Iris: [Young, single Brit transported to L.A. for Christmas and healing from unrequited love!] What? Why I’m bothering you with all these questions?
Arthur Abbott: I’m wondering why a beautiful girl like you would go to a strangers’ house for their Christmas Vacation, and on top of that spend Saturday night with an old cock-up like me.
Iris: Well, I just wanted to get away from all the people I see all the time!… Well, not all the people… one person. I wanted to get away from one… guy.
[she sobs]
Iris: An ex-boyfriend who just got engaged and forgot to tell me.
Arthur Abbott: So, he’s a schmuck.
Iris: As a matter of fact, he is… a huge schmuck. How did you know?
Arthur Abbott: He let you go. This is not a hard one to figure out. Iris, in the movies we have leading ladies and we have the best friend. You, I can tell, are a leading lady, but for some reason you are behaving like the best friend.
Iris: You’re so right. You’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life, for god’s sake! Arthur, I’ve been going to a therapist for three years, and she’s never explained anything to me that well. That was brilliant. Brutal, but brilliant.

Am I the leading lady of my own life? Do I direct my own paths? How about you?

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