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Jun 7, 2014 - Humor    1 Comment

National Doughnut Day

Want a free, sweet, melt in your mouth, ring of tasty goodness?

Me too.

Yesterday was National Doughnut Day. I made sure to celebrate. The first Friday in June is National Doughnut Day. This 76-year old tradition was first launched by the Salvation Army to honor World War I volunteers as troops returned home. But today we honor people who can parallel park and patiently wait in line to snag their free doughnut!

My roommates and I decided to celebrate this year, so we traveled, with the rest of the city seemingly, to Krispy Kreme for a fresh, hot, melt in your mouth ring of sweet doughy goodness! Yesterday, the “Hot Now” sign never turned off. It was a machine of doughnuts ticking down the conveyor belt, flying off the belt as fast as they could be replaced.

krispy kreme doughnut donut

There were a dozen workers, providing smiling service to the line of customers extending out the door and around the building. This was far from the most efficient method to satisfy my sweet tooth, but it made a memory. I went with friends. We did something out of the ordinary. We had an adventure. We celebrated life.

And we ate doughnuts! Always a good decision!

roommates, doughnut day

How do you celebrate everyday moments and memories?


May 31, 2014 - Health, Humor    2 Comments

Up From the Bed She Returns!

(Sung to the tune of “Up From the Grave He Arose”)

Up from the bed she returns!

With a mighty triumph o’er her germs!

She returns a victor o’er post nasal drip,

And she vows her health to never again slip!

She returns! She returns!

Hallelujiah, Kelly (is-no-longer-sick-and-feels-like-a-normal-person-again-thanks-to-soup-honey-and-Disney-movies) Returns!


Thanks for all those who cared for me!

May 4, 2014 - Humor, Uncategorized    No Comments

May the Fourth

Apparently, it’s a holiday today. A new one. Which when I wish you a happy day it will sound like I have a lisp.

“May the fourth be with you!”

may the fourth be with you star wars

(And I always want to follow it up with, “And also with you!”)

Whether you are celebrating coincidences in sounds today, I wish you a happy Sunday of rest!

Apr 26, 2014 - Humor, My Story, travel    No Comments

Celebrating Self Image

Nothing has the potential to derail my self image more than a four year old constructing my Mii avatar.

Am I the only one who has dealt with this?

My sweet friend, Valor, wanted to play many Wii games with me during our visit and he would not allow me to start until he had customized my Mii. If you’re not familiar, the Nintendo game system, Wii, allows the user to make a character who is supposed to look like them. Face shape, eye shape, hair color, height, build, eyebrows, teeth, smile, and even beauty marks and facial hair are adjustable until the look is just right.

I purposefully did not give Valor any help while he constructed my Mii. He would ask questions about each characteristic and I would say, “Pick the one that looks right.” Wondering what the result would be.

He took his job seriously.

Valor, Mii WiiI found myself cringing a little thinking, “Oh gosh! Do I really look like that?” and “Oh, please make me a little less robust about the middle, Valor.” and “Does my nose really look like a snout?!” and “Do my glasses really eat my face like that?”

Here are a couple of his Mii renditions:

Mii self image kelly valor Mii self image kelly valor

Until I realized that it doesn’t matter what my Mii looks like. It doesn’t matter if Valor makes me hefty, with a snout nose, giant glasses and wonky teeth. It doesn’t even matter what other people see when they look at me. It does matter what God sees. And He looks at the heart. “For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart” (I Samuel 16:7). He provides me with an accurate self image, as one who is both far more sinful than I can believe and far more loved than I can imagine.

That self image I will celebrate.



Celebrating Occupational Therapy Month

OT, ryan gossling


I’m celebrating OT Month. And so is Ryan Gosling. (Thanks for the support, Ry!)

I often think OT is the hidden gem of the rehab world. It’s focus is so broad and all-encompassing and patient-specific that at times it is hard to define. Until everyone knows, I educate  one person at a time. And I labor to make the world a more functional place!

Do you need help putting on your pants, driving, cooking or balancing your check book? Does your child need help crawling, writing, or focusing in school? Do you have weakness, incoordination, or imbalance? Do you need a splint? I can help with that! And I’ll help creatively with tasks and activities that are important and meaningful to YOU!

I’m celebrating Occupational Therapy Month because I made the right career choice and I love my job!

Apr 10, 2014 - Humor    No Comments

Speaking of Potty Training…

This is a real thing. Fisher Price really wants kids to celebrate using the bathroom. Not only is this an amazing product, but that hostess’ accent might be able to convince me to buy just about anything.

So I can laugh at the silly song when we pour water, but I don’t laugh at the idea behind it. That is an accomplishment and the device wants to continually remind us of that. What would the adult equivalent be? Clapping for every bill paid or every healthy meal prepared or every floor mopped?

I want a song for all my everyday celebrations! I want to make my life a musical!

But maybe not in the bathroom. I’ll leave that to the little ones.

Apr 7, 2014 - Humor    2 Comments

20 Ways to Celebrate Without Money or Food

I’m on a diet. And a budget.

So sometimes I think celebrating is pretty much out! I can’t get dessert or buy a new dress or drive to the beach without cutting back somewhere else.

But I’m determined to celebrate in life. I thought this might be a problem until I quickly listed at 20 ways to celebrate without money or food! Yes, that’s right, it is possible, here are the first 20 ways that came to mind:


1. Have a dance party. Turn on a good song and boogie. Get some movement and a peppy tune and you’ll always feel better.

2. Take a photo of your accomplishment or your face to remember how you felt!

3. Take a nap. You likely deserve it.

4. Stretch. If you’re accomplishment was physical, there is not much better than feeling muscles relax and stretch knowing they were used well!

5. Take a bubble bath.

6. Paint your toenails. And then every time you look at them be reminded of what you accomplished.

7. Share! Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Paint it on your car. Get the word out so people can celebrate with you.

8. Call a friend. If you want more interaction than “likes” for you accomplishment, share your story with someone you love and let them celebrate with you.

9. Make a new iTunes playlist. Perhaps a dance party playlist so you’re ready to celebrate with #1 next time.

10. Read. Anything. A book, a magazine, the back of the shampoo bottle. We often don’t take time to sit and read. So do it!

11. Go for a walk. Unless you just ran a marathon, then you have 19 other choices!

12. Watch a sunset. Take a mental picture of the beauty and colors.

13. Lie under the stars. Whatever your favorite natural thing is, take time to intentionally notice it.

14. Watch a movie. Preferably something where they celebrate!

15. Drive with the windows down and the tunes up! Let random strangers at stop lights know you’re winning at life.

16. Write a card to someone else who needs to celebrate. We’re in this together, we need each other to celebrate well.

17. Journal. Remind yourself what you did. I often go back and re-read my journals to relive the joy and the pain. Take time to write the celebrations too or your journals only record the tough times and aren’t a true reflection of your life.

18. Wear your favorite outfit. I saw a little girl walk into the grocery store dressed as Princess Sophia, heels and all. She didn’t care if mom had to buy bananas or bleach, she was excited about her outfit and clicked happily throughout the store. I want more of that in my life.

19. Take a moment to reflect. Even if just mentally and pat yourself on the back.

2o. Smile. You did it.

After, and only after, taking time to celebrate, may you move to the next goal!

What else could I add to this list? What other cheap and calorie-free ways to celebrate do you take advantage of?

Mar 18, 2014 - Health, Humor    No Comments

Workout Secrets

Want the secret to the best work out secret ever?

I’ve got it right here!

Ninety seconds of core strengthening, planking, trunk rotation, scapular stability and the cutest work out partner ever.

A four month old.

One dad recorded working out with his daughter and it makes my heart happy. Not only to see a playful baby girl, but to see her adoring father right alongside her, engaging in what she found important and making it playful.

I nearly tear up when daddy tells daughter he loves her and Lilly Ann reaches out to touch his face lovingly. What a beautiful moment which exhibits their relationship. I love that this dad is obviously gushing with delight in his little girl. I love that I know what that feels like. I have a great dad who, had you tube existed when I was little, may have made a similar video!

If you have a great parent, thank them for their “thereness” and time spent with you. If your parental relationships left something wanting, seek to be such a parent to your own children. Or, if you don’t have your own children like me, seek to be a surrogate parent to a friend’s kids and pour your love, attention and delight on them. Be willing to get on the floor and do the Lilly Ann workout.

Your abs and your spirit will thank you.

Mar 6, 2014 - Devotional, Humor    No Comments

Give the World a Reason to Dance

I have recently been introduced to a world changer.

He’s powerful, influential, brilliant… and eight years old.

kid president

He goes by the name Kid President and has a dream, to make the world a nicer place. To fill it with hope and encouragement and lots and lots of dancing. He understands that life isn’t always happy. He was born with osteogenesis imperfecta and has had over seventy bone fractures over his short life span (yes, seventy). But that doesn’t keep him from smiling, dancing, and spreading the joy. He wants to make the world a more awesome place by being nice and treating everyone like it’s their birthday.

Kid president


I could learn a lot from him. I want to be an encouragement. I want to dance. I want to make the world a more awesome place!

How about you?

Feb 17, 2014 - Humor    No Comments

The Olympics

I love the Olympics. It’s the ultimate human interest story. I watch as much as I can.

It is an odd juxtaposition that the arrival of the Olympics typically finds me on the couch eating Nutella out of the bottle watching feats of athletic prowess — and slowly growing further away from being able to perform them myself!

I also remember some of my favorite past Olympic memories including this little gem from twelve years ago.

It’s truly Hot. Cool. Yours.

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