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May 31, 2014 - Health, Humor    2 Comments

Up From the Bed She Returns!

(Sung to the tune of “Up From the Grave He Arose”)

Up from the bed she returns!

With a mighty triumph o’er her germs!

She returns a victor o’er post nasal drip,

And she vows her health to never again slip!

She returns! She returns!

Hallelujiah, Kelly (is-no-longer-sick-and-feels-like-a-normal-person-again-thanks-to-soup-honey-and-Disney-movies) Returns!


Thanks for all those who cared for me!

May 30, 2014 - Health    2 Comments

Forced Stillness

I’m sick.

My voice sounds both sultry and squeaky with varying frequencies. I feel like Phoebe from Friends singing Smelly Cat with her raspy, mucous-coated vocal cords.

It’s no fun.

Here’s what I’ve accomplished over the past two days:

Disney Movies Watch

Illness is one of the few things that makes me stop. Really pause and rest. I have such an insatiable inner drive to constantly be doing. I am thankful that this helps me do more than I sometimes should be able to, but it is also exhausting. I cannot tell you how often people ask me, “When did you have time to do all this?” Truly, I don’t know. I play an ongoing game of Time Tetris trying to shift my obligations and squeeze a little more out of each day.

Until I’m forced to be still.

Whether its a sore throat, or snotty nose, or aching knee, or pounding headache, it often takes an intense force to make me rest.

But I don’t want to live with such pressure. I’ve been learning about the importance of rest. Of Sabbath rest for my soul. And as much as I enjoy Disney movies, the rest I’m searching for is way deeper than Sleeping Beauty’s snoozing.

I’m going to find stillness and rest without being forced by my squeaky-sultry sound. God used my cold to remind me of my need to rest. And for that I am thankful.

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Celebrating Childhood

I love Disney.

When I first moved to Orlando, I had to repeatedly remind others that Disney and Orlando were not synonymous and that in fact, my house was an hour away.

After seven years of living in Orlando, I’ve given into the Disney pull. Last year I purchased an annual pass and have definitely gotten my use out of it.

Last weekend a friend from high school, Beth, was coming into town and asked if I wanted to meet her at the park. (Duh! Yes!) I arrived a bit before Beth and her family did. (She texted to let me know they were en route saying, “Sorry, little girls have short legs!”). So I waited. I found a small spot sitting next to Walt and Mickey in front of Cinderella’s Castle and participated in one of my favorite pastimes: People Watching. I saw lots of people take pictures of the castle. Lots of merchandise being purchased. Lots of parents overwhelmed by their children’s excitement and energy. Lots of color coded neon shirts for school groups. But of them all, this was my favorite sight:

Cinderellas Castle disney

I felt it summarized the magic. One little girl, bedecked with glitterized ears, head cocked to the side enjoying the magical scene. I loved it. I loved the excitement of childhood captured in this image. Her family was waiting for several members and intermittently playing on phones or chatting amongst themselves, but my little friend didn’t stray from staring at the castle. She was focused on the magic.

If I had been in a rush, I would have missed it. It warmed my heart to see a little bit of childhood as I waited for my friends. I took some time to gaze at the castle as well. I want to have a more time for magic, more time for childhood, and less rushing around. My time waiting for my friends became a blessing instead of an inconvenience. But only because I let it!

How can you make room for small moments of magic?

May 25, 2014 - Devotional, My Story    2 Comments

My Mother’s Day Hangover

The Monday after Mother’s Day, I was emotionally hung over.

I love my mom and have a great relationship with her. I was happy to see her, give presents, and celebrate. But at the same time I ached. 


I want a husband and children. I want to participate in Mother’s Day as a mother, not just as a daughter. I ached for women who wanted children, for those who struggle with infertility, for those who have a strained relationship with their children or with their own mothers. I wept for those who had lost children, or lost mothers, or who grieved at anything that was not as they wished it to be.

I wept. Not daintily-dab-at-the-corners-of-my-eyes crying. I cried gasping for breath, smeary, messy, ugly tears. I was blindsided by my emotions. I had not anticipated the ache being so strong that morning. I had to apologize to my mom later that in my case, my tears were not mourning our relationship in any way, they were tears of blocked goals and longing for my own family.

I posted this as my Facebook status that morning, “Praying today for those not celebrated specifically today: the wishing-to-be-mothers. Thankful for you, your perseverance in hope and the many ways you spiritually parent so many in your lives. Happy wishing-to-be-Mother’s Day!”

I had people contacting me throughout the day saying thank you and even asking to repost my words. I was grateful to know that other people lived with this ache. I even had a friend thank me for my words the next day and even as she was expressing her thanks she spontaneously broke into the same smeary, messy, ugly tears that I’d experienced the day before. And I loved it. Not because she ached as well, but because I was not alone in this struggle. Her overpowering “ugly crying” was beautiful to me. Someone understands. Someone sees my tears. Someone cares.

If Mother’s Day was hard for you, for any reason, share your tears with Someone.


“Earth has no sorrow that Heaven can’t heal.”

David Crowder

May 21, 2014 - Occupational Therapy    No Comments

Crafting Thumb

My hands hate me.

I haven’t been good to them lately. Right before the Gifts of Grace Craft Fair, I went crafting crazy. I sat each night and created. And hunched over, and cut, and bent metal, and used pliers, and threaded beads, and made my crafting thumb flair up.

crafting thumbStill giving the thumbs up!

I love crafting. It is a good thing.

But perhaps not the best thing. (Often the case when a good thing is overdone!)

When I have to use my occupational therapy skills to heal myself and get twinges of nerve pain from the length of time spent in fine motor control and precise movements, that good thing has lost some of its goodness. I’ve been thinking a ton lately about the difference between good and best. I am surrounded by good things and good choices. I have dozens of options open to me. Deciding which of all my good choices is the best keeps me up at night. Crafting is a good thing. I want to continue pursuing it in a good and balanced way — in that area of life, that will be what is best!

I’m using my nightly brace donning as a visual reminder of the difference between good and best.

What about you? What good thing has lost some of its goodness?


May 16, 2014 - My Story    No Comments

My Freon Fallout

I have a love/hate relationship with my refrigerator.

I love when it cools and hate when it crashes… which it does, more frequently for me than the average person.

I’ve been through three fridges in the 7 years I’ve lived here. That has to be some sort of record.


My second fridge passed on a few weeks ago. In my house we mourned for nearly a week with coolers full of ice (attempting to salvage what we could) and many meals filled with non-perishable food.


But I learned more than just how important Freon and a functioning compressor were. I learned how dependent I am upon technology and my own control. I was forced to live and eat without stockpiling for a week. I experienced a taste of what the Israelites did in Exodus 16 when they gathered manna every day, but just enough for that day. Manna was literally bread from Heaven, miraculous and sweet, but with an insanely short shelf life! If any of the manna was left out overnight it rotted and was useless.

They were forced to be dependent upon the Lord for their lives and nutrition. In a very different way, I was too. I went to the grocery store nearly daily for one meal’s worth of food. Imagine me at the deli counter responding to quizzical looks, “Yes, can I have three slices of turkey and one slice of cheese? Thank you.” I could not save it. I had to be okay with that.

It wasn’t easy. Not only did I not love my daily visits to the grocery store, but I detested not knowing where my next meal will come from. I realized anew how much I like being in control. My Freon fallout took my semblance of control away from me temporarily, and it tasted bitter. I want to rely on my own abilities, control, and skill, but that is inherently dangerous. I want to live open-handedly, trusting and in trusting reliance on the Lord for His provision, in large ways and small.

My Freon fallout showed me again how much I have to grow in this area.

“This is what the Lord has commanded: ‘Gather of it [manna], each one of you, as much as he can eat. You shall each take an omer according to the number of the persons that each of you has in his tent.’” And the people of Israel did so. They gathered, some more, some less. But when they measured it with an omer, whoever gathered much had nothing left over, and whoever gathered little had no lack.” (Exodus 16:16-18)


May 8, 2014 - Crafting    No Comments

Gifts of Grace

Number of bag, boxes and containers full of flair for craft fair on Saturday: two dozen.

Number of items still wishing to make: hundreds! (but realistically 10)

Number of trips to Hobby Lobby: 4 (this week alone!)

I’m busy preparing for my craft fair, Gifts of Grace, this Saturday!

crafting jewelry IMG_1270 IMG_1590 IMG_1589 IMG_1302

I love creating things. I get so excited to assemble, craft, and create jewelry and hair flair! It gives me an outlet unlike anything else. I love coming home putting on a movie and working with my hands. I love seeing my creations bedecking the necks, wrists, ears, and locks of my friends.

Crafting helps me share one of my life philosophies: celebrate every day. I believe in celebrating small victories and little goals. One of the most important skills I learned in six years of occupational therapy schooling was how to break down items into their smallest component parts. I once wrote a ten page paper on the skills necessary to change the batteries in a remote. Fine motor skills, pincer grasp, visual perceptual skills, and the cognitive ability to realize the dead batteries are the culprit in the first place. When we don’t breakdown tasks into their component parts, we have more difficulty seeing progress, which causes us not to celebrate enough.

Creating flair lets me have a tiny celebration every day.

I wear royal blue scrubs everyday. And while this allows me to mindlessly get dressed in the dark without fear of mismatching, it doesn’t create much opportunity for individuality or excitement. So I started making Flair. Everyday I get to celebrate in two small ways: I get to choose a flower for my hair and dress-code approved earrings (which often match my funky socks).

Life is pretty amazing. Creating Flair is one way I celebrate.

How do you celebrate the everyday?


Celebrating Uniquely

This is Tanner.


Perhaps that’s not his best side.

Tanner is my friend, almost like my little brother. We have a funny connection to be able to carry on a conversation exclusively in movie quotes – one of my favorite past times. We love lots of the same nerdy things including the TV show Community. We even greet each other with Troy and Abed’s secret handshake.

Tanner’s birthday was last month and I wanted to do something special for my friend to celebrate him. In one episode of Community the characters play paintball, in another play Dungeons and Dragons, and still another build a blanket fort. But, over the years of friendship between myself and Tanner’s family, we have already done those things! So I had to keep thinking.

It was then that I saw the Groupon for a magical balloon ride. Ding Ding Ding! Behold Season 4 Episode 9 (Yes they are dressed as muppets for this episode, if you haven’t seen Community before, don’t ask questions or try to jump in midstream!)

I took Tanner on a balloon ride, raised up 500 feet to see a 360 view of Downtown Disney, take some crazy pictures and celebrate my friend. To me, it was more than just a ride, it represented our friendship, shared interests, and sense of adventure. While some on the ride clung nervously to the railings, Tanner loved it and kept repeating, “It would be so cool to work here!”


IMG_0523 IMG_0514I was thankful that this gift was my chance to think outside the box and celebrate my friend in a unique way, something that I’ll likely not do for anyone else. In the words of Abed, I think that’s, “Cool, Cool, Cool.”

IMG_0524How can you uniquely celebrate someone in your life?


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May the Fourth

Apparently, it’s a holiday today. A new one. Which when I wish you a happy day it will sound like I have a lisp.

“May the fourth be with you!”

may the fourth be with you star wars

(And I always want to follow it up with, “And also with you!”)

Whether you are celebrating coincidences in sounds today, I wish you a happy Sunday of rest!

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