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Cheeky Reflections

Now that you, my fabulous readers, have been more acquainted with Cheeky and his adventures over the past week, I’ll share with you what he meant to me.

To me, Cheeky symbolized childhood, creativity, and rest. Helping him on his adventures was something reminiscent of my childhood. It was exciting, it was fun, it was a challenge. It took my focus and I had to think like an elf. I pondered on my commutes home from work — where I am a fully functioning professional and in charge of others health and healing– where my elf might be hiding. It allowed me to check out of adult-mode and into child-mode, if even just for a little bit. And that was a beautiful thing!

Cheeky brought out my creativity. When he was hiding and I was on the hunt, I not only was thinking about where he could be hiding, but where I could hide him next! I was concocting little scenes of hilarity and cheekiness in my head and even collecting items to be used in these scenes! I bought goldfish specifically for the toilet fishing scene. I’m committed!

Cheeky also allowed me to stop. I am crazily efficient and I rarely stop. Especially during Christmas we have so many expectations placed on our time and attention. This can come from others, or ourselves. I typically drive myself much more than others place expectations on me. I had a giant to do list: Christmas cards, chocolate covered pretzels, Holiday parties, wrap presents, blog posts, make presents, create stories, check in on friends, etc. But sometimes, instead of going straight to the to do list, I stopped. I walked around my house meticulously looking for Cheeky. I took time to celebrate when I found him.

Cheeky helped revive the kid in me and the restfulness that my life so often lacks. Pretty good for an eight inch doll, eh?

What helps you relax and enjoy the holidays more?

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C is for Cheeky

Like I said before, Cheeky became more and more brazen throughout the month. Here he is spying on my roommate during her private, shower time. I’m happy to say that he thought enough in advance to don a makeshift raincoat! However, he did not think about cleaning the shower head before snapping this picture… alas.


He also got a little too cozy with the laundry. Here he is snuggled in the valley.

Like I said, he got more brazen. He truly did live up to his name!

He was a fun companion this month. Unfortunately, his punishment for such gall will be to be boxed up for eleven months. Perhaps he’ll learn his lesson. Perhaps not. We’ll have to see next Advent Season!

Bye, Cheeky! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

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A Cheeky Christmas

Despite his many adventures — and there are more pictures and stories to come!– even Cheeky knows the true meaning of Christmas. It’s not about what we get or even what we give. It’s about who was born. Jesus, sustainer of the universe, chose to be God with us, Emmanuel. That is something we will never fully understand and should never ceased to be amazed by!

Cheeky took time out of his busy, impish schedule to join other wise men and worship the newborn king.

It seems he was a tad overdressed!

Merry Christmas! May the light of the world shine in your life today and always!

Love, Kelly and Cheeky

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Great Moments in Parenting!

Creativity is scary. I learned this first hand when I told my very first joke. And it fell flatter than a lead zeppelin! We were on vacation  surrounded by family, being prepared to go to Disney the next day. Parents were warning us kids that we had to stay close, hold their hands, and be well-behaved in the big, magical park. I remember thinking, even as an eight year old, that this would be incredibly cumbersome. Having to keep eight people together AND ride as many rides as I wanted to would be too difficult. “It would be easier if we could all just hold hands with one octopus to stay together!” I quipped.

No one responded to my joke. No one even acknowledged it.

Except my dad.

He saw what I had tried to do. He pulled me aside and asked how I felt. “Jokes are fun things, but it is one thing to repeat something you’ve already heard. It is a totally different thing to make up a joke that is yours,” he explained. “It’s also is more exciting because when it goes well, it’s your success!” We chatted for a while longer about humor and creativity and taking a chance. I didn’t realize until much later how crucial a conversation that was in my life. I tried something new, it did not go well, but my dad made it okay. More than okay, he made it good. He congratulated my attempt and encouraged me to try again. And it worked because let’s face it– I’m funny! I listened and tried again. Sometimes even now my quips fall flat, but I get up and try again. I owe my delightful and robust humor in a huge way to my dad and this Great Moment in Parenting! Thanks dad!!


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Sneaky Cheeky

He started off fairly harmless.

Cheeky, my Elf on a Shelf, was impish, mischievious even, but harmless. We’d find him under planters, in pockets, or hiding in the refrigerator.


He was like a long lost friend. We sought him and were excited to find him. It was typically accompanied by merriment and laughter!

Cheeky was a friend, a sojourner with us through the season of advent. A small reminder that Christmas was on its way.

He started out harmless… and he became increasingly brazen as the month progressed!

No longer did he hide at eye level or in fairly obvious places. Oh no! He challenged us mentally and physically! Here’s my roommate attempting to retrieve Cheeky from his perch.

It became more urgent to find him. We walked through the house constantly on the look out for Sneaky Cheeky!

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Return of the Cheeky

Cheeky’s adventures continued…

He once accompanied me to work, lovingly encircling my Diet Coke. I laughed until I snorted at this scene!

He also got more creative. Seeking sustenance in odd places:

He is resourceful! Using a chopstick and dental floss to catch dinner…

I really hope he didn’t catch anything!


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The Adventures of Cheeky!

This is Cheeky:

He’s my Elf on a Shelf. I took one look at those shifty eyes and crooked grin and knew he was impish. Worthy of the name Cheeky! My friends Sara and Stephanie bought him for me last Christmas, but I didn’t get him until January so this year is his debut. If you don’t know the story, here’s my synopsis. The Elf comes to your home and spies on your kids. Then he reports back to Santa how they’re behaving. The kids aren’t allowed to touch the Elf or he loses his magic. Kind of a creepy story, right? Why would we willingly invite a spy into our homes? It’s strange sometimes to read kids stories as an adult, eh?

I instituted the Adventures of Cheeky just after Thanksgiving this year. I started hiding him and then my roommates caught on – slowly escalating the hiding places. The rules were simple: Cheeky hid somewhere around the house. Whoever found him, hid him next. He became increasingly brash – truly living up to his name.

Come along for a week’s worth of Cheeky’s adventures!

PS – Cheeky comes in girl form too. I know you couldn’t sleep tonight until you knew that!


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O Come, Emmanuel

This is the theme song of Simeon. He waited, longingly, mournfully for his Savior to come. We are doing the same. He has come once, but has promised to come again. The world is broken and still in need of a savior.

O come, Emmanuel. The God who is always with us.

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